ZYN Menthol 6MG

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ZYN Menthol 6MG: A menthol pouch.

Perfect Nicotine Strength

With a pleasant 6mg nicotine content, the ZYN 6MG brings just the right level of satisfaction. This level suits users who prefer a moderate nicotine hit. Whether you are starting out with nicotine products or an experienced user, the ZYN 6MG has the perfect balance that ensures your satisfaction with every use.

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Refresh with ZYN Menthol 6MG

Explore the signature ZYN Menthol 6MG – a product that is completely menthol with an impressive nicotine strength of 6mg per pouch. Count on this iconic blend for a revitalizing experience, whether you prefer the pouch parked under your upper or lower lip. Best of all, enjoy 15 pouches per can, each one crafted with meticulous care by Swedish Match, a leader in the industry.

The Uncomplicated Ease of Using ZYN 6MG Nicotine Pouch

Just four steps separate you from the exhilarating sensation the ZYN 6MG offers. Simply pop a pouch into your mouth and park it between the lip and gum—either upper or lower is fine. Let it stay in place for about 60 minutes and remove it. ZYN Menthol 6MG couldn’t be easier to use, and each pouch promises consistency, quality, and a pleasing spearmint taste.

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