STLTH 8K Pro Disposable Peach Blue Razz Ice 20mg


Indulge in a mix of sweet, juicy peaches and tangy blue raspberries, enhanced with a refreshing icy twist.

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Revolutionize Your Vaping Experience

High-Capacity Delight

Offering an impressive 8,000 puffs per disposable, the STLTH 8K Pro Disposable Peach Blue Razz Ice 20mg takes your vaping experience to new heights. With its large 14mL e-liquid capacity, this disposable vape will last you significantly longer than its counterparts. No need to constantly recharge or refill, just grab your 8K Pro and enjoy a relaxing vaping session.

Advanced Features for User Friendly Vaping

The STLTH 8K Pro Disposable Peach Blue Razz Ice doesn’t just promise to last; it also ensures a simple and satisfying user experience. Its rechargeable 800mAh battery means you can enjoy it’s delightful ice mint anytime, anywhere. The LED screen shows battery and e-liquid levels, making sure you’re always in the know. No more guesswork, just easy vaping.

Authentic Flavours to Awaken Your Senses

The STLTH 8K Pro’s flavour selection is not just about quantity, but quality too. With an array of tantalizing choices, you can explore bold flavours like Juicy Peach Ice, Green Apple Ice, and Kiwi Dragon Berry Ice. Each flavour is meticulously crafted to give an unforgettable vaping experience while providing a wholesome satisfying taste.